Minimize Holiday Decorations – Not everyone has the same love of holiday decorations., and poorly maintained, tacky, or overly religious displays can be a turnoff for potential buyers. Keep the seasonal decorations simple and easy to maintain. 

That applies to the outside as well as the inside of your home – avoid lighting up the neighborhood with your awesome light display.                                   

Be Accessible – The holidays make it even more difficult than usual for real estate agents to schedule showings since all parties involved usually have holiday activities and other distractions. Clear your schedule as much as possible to accommodate potential buyers.

You do want to block off a few dates – for example, you probably are not going to want to show your home on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day – but keep these dates to a minimum and make sure you and your real estate agent are clear about acceptable showing times.

Keep it Cozy –Fireplaces always give off a welcome home feeling, if this is an option if will never disappoint a potential buyer.  If you live in a cold climate, spend the extra bucks to keep the heat up to a comfortable level. A subtle baking or Christmas tree scent that matches the season is a nice welcoming touch (emphasis on subtle). Make sure the house is well lit to counteract the potentially drab feeling of winter.  

If your house makes you feel warm and comfortable when you walk in the door, others are likely to feel the same way.

We hope that you will receive the holiday gift of a swift and profitable home sale.  That should make the holidays even merrier.