Winter Storm Survival Kit for Travelers

People planning travel this winter season need to be prepared for the elements. Plan your trip and check the latest weather reports to avoid the storm.

•  Winterize your vehicle before the winter season 

•  Keep your gas tank near full 

•  Avoid traveling alone 

•  Let someone know your route and timetable 

•  Carry a WINTER STORM SURVIVAL KIT with the following items:

                   `  Cell phone and charger 

                        `  Blankets / Sleeping bags 

                        `  Flashlight & batteries 

                        `  Knife 

                        `  Non-perishable food 

                        `  Extra clothing 

                        `  Large, empty can with cover 
& tissues for sanitary purposes 

                        `  Smaller can, with matches to 
melt snow for drinking water 

                        `  Sack of sand or cat litter 

                        `  Shovel 

                        `  Windshield scraper & brush 

                        `  Basic tool kit 

                        `  Tow rope 

                        `  Booster cables 

                        `  Water container 

                        `  Road maps and compass 

                        `  Battery operated NOAA Weather Radio